How to Use an Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Got a new eyebrow kit stencil? Excited to use it but not sure how?

Fret at not as this simple guide will tell you how to use that kit to get perfectly shaped brows, every single time.

1. Start off by applying some brow wax. This will ensure that the product on your brows stays there for longer.

2. Choose a stencil you like best. We prefer high arch brows for most facial shapes.

3. Line up the stencil you chose over your natural eyebrow. You do not have to worry about getting this step perfect as stencils come with lines on them that help you figure out the exact line.

4. Apply the color on your brows – pick one closest to your natural shape.

5. Repeat all over the brow and do touch-ups where needed.

6. Do NOT pluck hair using stencils! That’s not what they are meant for and you might ruin the shape of your brows!

7. Clean your stencil of all product. And use it on the second brow.

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